We provide Best Permanent Staffing Services for your business

Permanently hiring employees and integrating them into your business is a huge commitment, so you should be sure you're making it to the appropriate people. We hope that with our assistance, you will find the perfect fit.

GA's permanent employment solutions provide you with pre-screened, highly skilled professionals across all sectors. Our group of experts is committed to helping your business succeed. Our system is bulletproof, so our clients know they'll get the most qualified applicants for each position, and in the shortest amount of time possible.

To ensure we find the most qualified candidates, we take the time to learn about your business and its needs, conduct in-depth research on the sector, and build buzz about your organisation. Our tried-and-true methods of identifying qualified individuals for permanent staffing positions are unrivalled by any other firm in the industry. We will tailor our talent hunt to your needs in order to identify the people and groups best suited to meet the challenges they will experience in your company.

Permanent staffing services are what we specialise in, and our extensive network of recruitment professionals uses client-specific and consultative approaches to find the best possible candidates to meet your company's unique culture and set of business objectives. Our optimized sourcing and delivery approach reduces the traditional expenses associated with finding, hiring, and training new staff members.

How We Do It?

Understanding your needs

The first stage in our process is getting to know you. We will learn about your business, long- and short-term goals, culture, and background.

Customized hiring strategy

Once we have all the details, we'll create a custom recruiting plan. We have a wide network of job searchers and skilled applicants that may not be actively seeking a new position. Our search is widened via strategic collaborations, personal networks, and civic and professional contacts.

Screening and evaluating prospects

Once we find a few applicants, we'll conduct tailored interviews to shortlist them. We also check work history and references. We'll assist you choose the ideal candidate and finalise the employment offer.

Follow-up on the job offer

We will also help you make the final job offer, manage negotiations, and get the candidate's signed offer letter. We collaborate with you and the candidate to ensure the onboarding process goes smoothly.

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