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Laison with the banks

We have a dedicated team who are experienced in coordinating with the bankers for business loans. Our team has hands-on experience in preparing the business proposals and liaison with the officers. Also, we are associated with the many Public & Private sector Banks and NBFCs and can provide you with the right choice depending on your eligibility criteria.

1.Working Capital Management (Identification of Working Capital Gaps)

Appropriate management of working capital is essential to a company’s vital financial health and operational success as a business. A symbol of good business management is the ability to employ working capital management to maintain a solid balance between growth, profitability and liquidity.

Daily operations of an organisation rely on its working capital, which is the gap between its current assets and its current liabilities or debts. Working capital helps as a metric for how resourcefully a company is operating and how financially stable it is in the short term.

Our Expert team has assisted our clients in identifying the gaps in the working capital owing to delayed collections or preponed payments, and failure to estimate the large capex in advance. Also, advise on funding the gaps in working capital either by Equity or Debt.

2. Budget Analysis

A budget analysis is a method for assessing the financial health of a company. By scrutinizing the budget, you can monitor how much money the business is bringing in and compare that amount to how much money it is spending in a period of time.

Performing a budget analysis can help business leaders make important decisions about the company's expenses and revenue streams. On a monthly basis, many organisations conduct budget analyses. However you may choose to conduct your own budget analysis every quarter, annually, or on a different timetable.

Our team can assist you in choosing the right budgeting strategy considering your business needs focus. Further, we ensure that these budgets are analysed on time and highlight the deviations from the budget and propose solutions for optimum utilisation of the Company’s resources.



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